Writer’s block. It happens to the best of us. And everyone has their own way of dealing with it.
Here are 6 quick fixes to change your habits, bring you back to basics, and shock you out of your writer’s block:

1. Mix it up

Do something different to get those little grey cells firing again. Always write in the same spot? Try writing outside, or at a coffee shop.

Or just stand up at your desk. It works wonders.

2. Eat your frog

Fun fact: Did you know this popular phrase was coined by none other other than Mark Twain?

The point: Write first thing in the morning. Get it over with. Eat. your. frog.

3. Talk it out

Can’t write?

Then speak. Record yourself using voice notes or a dictation app. Say whatever pops into out head. Ramble on. Get your thoughts out, and organise them later.

4. Use prompts

I know. You don’t want to waste tome on anything but your novel. You’re above writing exercises.

Wrong! Spending some time every day practicing your basic writing skills is just the thing to refocus and get your creativity flowing.

5. Excercise

Booo! Hisssss! Wait, don’t go!

But really. Get out there and get some endorphins flowing. Your creativity will follow close behind.

What are your methods for overcoming writer’s block? Tell us in the comments!

Happy writing!