Confession: I was completely obsessed with Roald Dahl when I was a child. I grew up with his children’s stories, and the subtly genius Esio Trot remains to this day one of my favourite books. 

As I grew older I discovered his ‘grown-up’ short stories. I probably read them way too early; before I was mature enough to actually understand the subtleties and slow-burning winks of the stories in compilations like Kiss Kiss and Tales of the Unexpected. If you haven’t read these, do yourself a favour. They are a delight.

Roald Dahl’s prolific body of work remains one of the most unique, authentic, and entertaining voices in modern fiction. I have great respect for his methods, and any aspiring author should take to heart the advice he had to offer on the subject of writing.  

In his essay Lucky Break – How I became a writer, Dahl explains how he came to be a writer. He also outlines seven qualities that he believed to be the most important features of a successful fiction writer.

How many of these features do you have?



Happy writing!