I’m currently reading James Clear’s bestseller Atomic Habits, which looks at the neuroscience behind habits to explain why it’s so easy to stick to some habits (eating all the carbs) and so difficult to establish and maintain others (writing, exercising). 

I highly recommend this book! As someone who struggles daily with self discipline, this is one of the first books that has actually offered me some real insight and value towards changing my behaviour to cultivate good habits. And it’s based in my favourite thing: science! 

In the book, Clear shows you how to rewire your brain to cultivate good habits, based on the four laws of behaviour change:

These four simple laws can be used to transform and manipulate the four steps of the Habit Loop: cue, craving, response, and reward.

I’m so motivated by the practical tips and techniques I’ve learnt from this book that I will be implementing them in the writing course I’m developing, which will be going live later this year.

Watch this space!